My name is Tiara.
I am working and living at Turks and Caicos Island, British West Indies since 2004.
I worked for almost ten years at the hospitality industry in Bali, Indonesia. Then I got wonderful opportunity working in Caribbean.

It’s been a blessing years.
Met new friends,
faced challenges in every corner
tackled the bit and pieces life here and there.
It’s MARVELOUS journey.
Bad and good experiences along the way are the best teacher.

It’s not about destination.
It’s about the journey.
It’s not about me now.
It’s about how I overcome my weaknesses.

I am not a writer or professional photography.
I just love travel and take photo.
It took years to develop this website.
I practiced, stumbled and frustrated.
On some points I gave up.



In front of the New Mosque, Istanbul.



This time finally I made it happened, because I wanted to share it. I want to show you:

  • To get out of your comfort zone. You will not reach your goals by seating at home and keep saying ‘what if’.
  • Dare yourself to take adventures. DARE TO DREAM.
  • To embrace your weaknesses and face your fear. Nobody can help you except yourself.
  • Do not have to clever or rich person to travel.
  • Travel is not privilege.
  • Take one baby step at a time.  


Well, this is it….


Warmest regards,


Tiara Permata

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