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The most modern city in the Netherlands began as a fishing village in the 13th century.

Rotterdam was the largest port in Europe and the world for many years. Associated with the US because Holland America Line sent tens of thousands of passengers, also cargo, from Rotterdam to New York.

During my stay in Amsterdam, I often traveled to nearby cities. This time my sister’s in-law took me to Rotterdam. They met me at the Lelylaan train station and together we headed to Rotterdam.

Rotterdam later became part of Dutch industrial and commercial forces when German bombers destroyed the city center and harbor in 1940.

Now Rotterdam is a modern and contemporary construction city. A remarkable achievement for a city largely destroyed by World War II.

Rotterdam’s unique architecture invites visitors to this cosmopolitan city. Most of the city center was built after World War II such as the towering Euromast and the innovative Erasmus Bridge.  The architectural style is very impressive and innovative.

Of course the old Dutch-style house can still be found at Delfshaven as a place for pilgrims to sail in 1620.


Rotterdam from the Sea

We experienced Rotterdam from the sea with the Spido Cruise crossing the modern urban environment with its historical harbor. Spido founded in 1919 to offer transportation across the harbor. After the Second World War Spido turned into a cruise ship. Providing tours around new buildings, bridges and shipping infrastructure that still exists.



The Erasmus Bridge or Erasmusbrug in Dutch. The was named after Desiderius Erasmus a.k.a. Erasmus of Rotterdam, a prominent Christian renaissance humanist. The bridge in the centre of Rotterdam, connecting the north and south parts of this city.









The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and from 1962 until 2004 it was the world’s busiest port.


The boat runs through the most interesting parts of the Maas River and the Port of Rotterdam. Passengers catch a glimpse of the city’s history, enjoy views of modern skyscrapers and internationally renowned city.

The ferry port tour passes through the shipyard and historic dock at Scheepvaartkwartier (Rotterdam maritime district). The Dock is also the site of the former Holland America Line headquarters which later converted to New York Hotel.






Rotterdam from the Land

Then we boarded the History tram (line 10) at the Maritime Quarter opposite Spido Harbor Tours office. Hop on-hop off tour through downtown Rotterdam. Passengers allowed to hop on the tram at many stops or enjoy a 60-minute tour.

We had just seen from Rotterdam up close through the water, now we captured Rotterdam from the road by historical public transport.

The tram took us to the main sights and attractions around Rotterdam. Starting from Spido then go ahead to Erasmus Bridge, museums and other historical buildings. The tram also passes The Cube Houses. I could see it from a far distance of a unique building with a bright yellow color. I wished we had enough time to look closely.

We got off at The Euromast.



The historic tram line 10 dates from the 1930s.



Feel like going back to the 1930s.



Look at his coin holder. Cool!!.



The historical tram passes all the major sights and attractions in Rotterdam during the tour.


Before we went to The Euromast, we had lunch at Chinese food restaurant. It turned out this restaurant is a Chinese-style building that I saw while roaming with the Spido ship.


Rotterdam from Above

Euromast is an observation tower in Rotterdam that built between 1958 and 1960. The tower designed to welcome the Floriade festival. With a central space as high as 100 meters, this tower called the tallest building in Rotterdam. Then add up to 85 meters in height.

The weather was getting cooler and cloudy.

When we left Amsterdam, the morning sun struggled against thick clouds. When we walked to Euromast, the clouds were no longer white but dark gray. Rain fell as we entered the Euromast building. The advantage of this bad weather was that the queue was not too long so we quickly got to the top of the building.



Dark grey clouds. It was getting cold and windy.



Euromast from the sea.



From the observation deck before raining hard again.


When we got to the top we saw people who dressed in overalls. After I looked closely, they were a daredevil bunch (some horrified but eager to try) who dared to walk or descend with a rope past the wall of Euromast. Even they did not give up on a rainy day like this. In fact, bad weather was increasing the magnitude of the challenge.

The view from the top of the tower was spectacular. Panorama around Rotterdam city.

I was not lucky this time. My camera battery dead. I could only take some landscape pictures from above Euromast.

After we visited The Euromast, we went back to Amsterdam. A fun day.



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