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Meet new acquaintances is one of the beauties of life.

**old stories while working and living in the Turks and Caicos Islands.**

Meet, exchange ideas and share experiences. Not only from Indonesia but from other countries. Whether I know through work or get acquainted casually.

I love to have many friends from different cultures.

I always amaze by many friends with different cultures and work together for common interests.

Not only nations from Asian countries (Bhutan, India, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia) but also from Australia, America, Europe, Caribbean (Jamaica, Guyana, Bahamas, Dominican Republic) and much more.



Salt Mills.


Cross-cultural understanding becomes a daily lesson

It is not easy to understand by just reading or seeing but by experiencing it directly. There is no fixed size or benchmark, everything changes with time and conditions.

We come from different cultures, family backgrounds, and different characters. Little sparks always occur in all aspects of work. Sometimes it is like a spark on dry hay, which then burns the entire building.

A little misunderstanding builds up. Then it gets bigger and even explodes. Out of proportion. When in fact the way out is mostly simple and easy.




Once a manager (not a local resident) instructed subordinates (locals) to do a simple task. Either because the delivery method was less clear or the outcome was incompatible with the procedure, there was a big misunderstanding. Problems became protracted and increasingly tangled resulting in unfavorable results on both sides. Actually, the problem could be easily solved by mutual understanding and willing to cooperate.


Often or many times we have to “agree to disagree”

Not all jobs should approve. We have to do it though often do not agree with the way to do it.

The basic capabilities are not just as a professional, providing the best service for upcoming guests, but also an understanding of things we did not learn in school. The basic ability everyone has to recognize, interpret and respond to circumstances with common sense.



Boat at Providenciales.


Because small problems accumulate and occur over a long period, often misunderstandings are not easily solved in a short time. Especially with different social levels (staff and manager).

Staff requires being a professional. Set aside the difference to give excellent service to the guests who come to our hotel. Like it or not, we work together to finish any work.



Job door opens for me. Anything could happen. Every dream can also be realized. Work hard and try to do the best for the company and me.

Not only that. Also backed by a strong and sincere character to always consistent with the best results.

In the past when I was in college, there was a cross-cultural Understanding course. It turned out in college I aware of the differences that can be boomerang if not treated with caution.

Completing work sometimes requires little effort and time.

On the other hand is the success of human relationships. I have experienced many cultural clashes. Not only with fellow friends from Indonesia but also from other nations.



Blue Hills.


Not to mention working with differences in educational background and age that not only imbued inequality in communication. Often I have to take a deep breath and count to ten. If I still unable to cope with overwhelming emotions, I have to get out of the place if I do not want an endless argument. I do not like conflict.

I also learn to give priority to public opinion. Not necessarily my opinion is correct. Whether the opinion is true or false is only proven with time and patience.

Patience is not my strength. I learn to be patient.

I learn every day.

Learn to become better and wiser.



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