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My friend once told me that she could not stand another long flight.

When she had to travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands, she had to split her journey with one stop in between, otherwise, she would be too tired. She spent the night in either New York or London.

To my surprise, she said that she was getting older. If she gets older, how about me? I am 10 years older than her. I do not feel old at all.

In fact, I like the airport experience.

Where people meet and say goodbye or head to somewhere. Passengers who run to catch their flight. Children in strollers, couples holding hands, businessmen talking on the phone with a folded newspaper in his armpits. The weary passengers with neck pillows in their bags walk like zombies. Passengers waiting for the plane while sleeping on the bench, reading a book or enjoying coffee while chatting.

I always want to know where they were going. Will they have fun? work? or go home like me?

I am always happy, both when I’m in solo travel  or go home. Of course, the flight is long and tiring. Especially if I have to stop long in one city in America. Still pretty decent when the stopover in London.






I met a friend on the way from TCI. His annual vacation delayed because he had to take turns with his colleagues. Often, I meet friends who are on a vacation trip or vice versa.

If I can, I combine an annual vacation by stopping to new places. I visited places I had never visited before.

Today was my last day in Istanbul. I packed my bag last night. Ready to leave with the earliest flight to London. No matter where the destination, domestic or international, I had to be there two hours earlier. Lots of unpleasant stories (when I was working at the Travel agent in Bali) when passengers were late. Moreover, I was in the new place the first time I visited. I left at least three hours from the inn.

My trips from Istanbul, Turkey to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos were pretty long and tiring. Actually, there is a fast and efficient flight. But this type of flight is much more expensive. My airline ticket should not exceed the budget set by the company. If more should be added by myself. By adding a bit I combined with a stopover in Istanbul. Therefore I had to go around the world before I got to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Istanbul to London Heathrow
Flight 4 hours
8 hours transit at London Heathrow

London Heathrow to Atlanta, North Carolina
Flight 9 hours and 35 minutes
3 hours transit at Atlanta Airport






I was so tired when I got to Atlanta. Especially since I departed very early in the morning from Istanbul and the time difference. I bought a cup of coffee and bread for breakfast. I was sitting in the back seat at the gate waiting for check-in.

Soon the gate opened and the counter check-in staff got ready. One of them announced that if any passengers would to give up their seats to get a $ 600.00 voucher instead.

I did not notice at first. I drank coffee and ate bread when they announced for the second, third and so on. After so many times no one came, I approached one of the staff:

“Do you need a seat to give up?”

“Yes, we will exchange with a $ 600.00 voucher.”

“All right, you can take my seat.”

“Thank you. Please wait here. We will give you new boarding passes after all the passengers check in”

Then I waited until check-in ended. Other counter check-in staff processed my flight back to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“Wow, you’ve been on a long journey,” she stared at the computer monitor in disbelief.

“Yes, you are right.”

“You know that you have to fly from here to Miami and then change the flight to Providenciales. You have to wait at Miami airport in 3 hours to fly to the Turks and Caicos Islands’.

I nodded. It seemed like she needed to emphasize every word so that I could fully understand the next flight. Longer.

Then she gave me a new boarding passes and American Airline voucher for $ 600.00.

Initially, I wanted to help people who would go on holiday to Turk’s and Caicos. Surely they were sad the vacation hampered because the plane overbooked. Maybe they were my guests at the resort where I worked. When I asked the counter staff, the passenger was staying at another resort. No problem.

The second fun, I could save a lot of money on my next trip (which I decided then was Ecuador).

Atlanta, North Carolina to Miami
1 hour and 50 minutes
3 hours of transit at Atlanta Airport

Miami to Providenciales
1 hour and 40 minutes
4 hours of transit at Miami Airport

Smooth immigration. Since I checked in my suitcase up to the last destination, my bag came first. I picked up near the lost and found counter. Then take it to the airport arrival hall. There were two colleagues of mine waiting to take me to the resort.





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