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On day off I woke up as usual.

**old stories while working and living in the Turks and Caicos Islands**

Took a morning walk to the beach after sunrise.

The sky was clear, the grass was still wet with morning dew and birds chirping. Quiet. I used to feel scared walking out alone. Now I quietly grateful to enjoy a quiet day. No phone rings, things to do, pick up guests, send or reply to emails and more.

During my stay in North Caicos, I never met people when walking to the beach. I felt own a private beach. When I saw the staff boat came from Provo, I returned to the apartment.



Sandy Point Dock.






When I first lived in North Caicos I did not feel at home

Beside felt lonely, I came just a few months after the Turks and Caicos Islands hit by a severe hurricane. Many houses destroyed and flooded everywhere. Mangrove or lowland forest emerged in water. As a result mosquitoes everywhere.

If the normal day mosquitoes was very disturbing, especially after a big storm. I shudder when I imagined an invasion of mosquito forces.

Day off was a lazy day. I tried (if not tired of coming home from work or woke up early) cleaning the house or doing laundry on working days. So when I had a day off I really could take the time to rest, read books and watch TV. I did not bother to meet or gather with friends who I met everyday.

Actually, I often long to be alone when work came flowing nonstop.







Traditional fence.


Almost a year living in North Caicos I just feel at home

I just came to a foreign country.

In awe, it’s like a dream. Although I learned a lot about Turks and Caicos Island when I was in Bali, I depressed and anxious. Not to mention culture shock. It took a long time to fit in or be comfortable with the new environment.

Nearly a year of work, I was unsure my contract would be extended.

Pessimistic because of so many flaws and mistakes.

I felt completely on the wrong path with my colleagues from other countries. Clumsy and unfamiliar with the open and spontaneous culture. Although I interacted with foreigners for many years while working in Bali, I still felt strange.

I feel not ‘in’ at work or social life. In fact, I often felt awkward with my dry comments that had nothing to do with the conversation.

Especially with the job. It is true the saying “don’t measure others by your own yardstick”. Different place, different way. Many little things that I do, become misguided or others misunderstood with my intent. As a result, a small error becomes bigger if it was not fixed right away.



Roads in North Caicos. Quiet and lots of open space.



House or storeroom?.


Little by little. Slowly but sure.
Everything became routine.
Worked, went home and relaxed at home.
Social life was getting easier.

Everything done diligently produce a satisfying result. Every task done seriously and correctly.

Routines became a habit.

Made me comfortable with the environment and life here. I got used to things I’d never met before.

Slow but sure, I started to socialize with colleagues. Find a good friend.

Good friends become best friends.


Start feeling comfortable living in North Caicos

A good friend took me on a trip to Whitby, Bottle Creek, and Kew.

Not much we did every time we went to the areas of North Caicos, in addition to visit a friend’s home, we went to the beach or shopped for groceries.

But that’s the art. Nothing much to do means we did not spend money, right?

If we were lazy to go to Providenciales, we were shopping at Bottle Creek. This area is more advanced and many residents compare to other places.

Bottle Creek situated on the side of the island overlooking the beautiful Bottle Creek Lagoon. This is the largest settlement in North Caicos. There are many shops, supermarkets, and government offices on the island.

In addition to Bottle Creek, there are also other villages namely Kew.







Houses in the Laguna of Bottle Creek.



Sunset in Bottle Creek Laguna.


Kew consider “the garden island” of Turks and Caicos Island. Many small houses with large gardens. The big trees are the common thing found here. Most areas of North Caicos fill with shrubs, mangroves, and barren land.

There were also several small shops, clinics, and police stations.

At one of the office events, we visited Wade’s Green Plantation, Cottage Pond, and government farms. All are in the Kew settlements.

North Caicos does not have a restaurant or café with an international reputation.

To me no problem, even fun. Because here is all natural and relaxed atmosphere. Often I amazed by the beautiful nature, never seen ocean with such beautiful color gradations.

One day I was with colleagues having lunch at a café on the beach. Pelican Beach. Ehmmm…not a café, a kind of ‘fish shack’ ala Caribbean. Located on the beach with unique decor.



Local cafe.





Whale bone?.


I enjoyed the beach more than the food. It surrounded by tall, shady pine trees. Tourists swam by the beach and sunbathe while enjoying a beautiful day.

Locations like these scattered in every corner of North Caicos Island. Whitby also has a beautiful scene like this. Whitby is a small village in the middle of the island. A close friend of mine once took me to the first hotel in North Caicos The Prospect of Whitby.

Away from the crowds. I just heard the waves or the sound of the wind among the tall trees.



View from cafe.



A step away from sandy beach.


Unfortunately, many of my photos are lost due to my hard disk burns.

When the management decided to move the entire staff to stay in the area around the hotel, I was the last person to move. I reluctantly packed up all the personal items and other tools I needed.

Going from where I spent three years of life was not easy.

Although it was easy to go to North Caicos it felt different not to stay here anymore. The closer to the work environment, the more I felt there was no rest or day off.



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