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The weather was very cold every time I got out of the apartment.

It really made me upset and disappointed because I could not go out the way I wanted to. Most of the time I was in Washington DC the weather was very cold, windy and snowy. 

Although I dressed in layers, I was still sick. Not an easy thing. I was sick after my first visit to The Museum of Natural History. I had to cancel the next day’s trip with a newly acquainted Korean friend. So sad.

I had to get out (especially if the weather was better than yesterday) and explored the museums in Washington DC. The easiest way I choose to go the museum if the weather was cold or windy and walked outside or in the park during good weather.

Win-win solution. Otherwise, I would always stay inside the house.

I did some research before going out. First, I figured out the weather that day. Sometimes the weather was good for a few hours and suddenly gets worse. I learned to read correctly the local weather forecast.

Secondly, I decided which museum I wanted to visit. I did not want overwhelmed by cramming too many museums in one day. Indeed I tempted to visit every museum in DC. Entrance is free and every show has different charm. It really tempted me.







I almost did not see any single person in this massive place.


At the end of my visit in Washington DC, I did not think there was any need to come to museums in other cities. The museum here simply represents the entire museum in the US. Maybe also the world because a lot of artifacts that come from outside the US, especially in the National Museum of Natural History.

Here’s what I did last winter in Washington DC:


The First Day:

(I was with a new friend from Korea. Because she only had limited time, I let her choose which one. I still had plenty of time).

National Museum of Natural History
The world’s most popular natural history museum. Bigger than 18 soccer field and is home to the world’s largest collection of natural history.

United States Capitol Building
The most amazing and most visited building in Washington DC. Visiting the Capitol Building is definitely a major part of the trip to the nation’s capital.


The Second Day:

Smithsonian Castle
This is actually the beginning of all the visits to all the Smithsonian museums. A Tour guide expertly provide visitors with comments on the scope and scale of the Smithsonian. New collections, highlights of every museum, the best place to start, etc.

Do not forget to take a tour around the garden at this Smithsonian Castle. Like a “museum without walls”. Too bad I came in winter. There is no guided tour around this park.

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
The Sackler Gallery displays permanent and temporary exhibits from ancient times to the present day. The museum is home to an exceptional collection of art, including the most important ancient Chinese audiences in the world.

National Museum of the American Indians
Museums that collect, store, and showcase cultural heritage of the United States. The first national museum devoted exclusively to American Indians.



Choir at National Museum of Natural History.



Capitol Hill.



National Museum of the American Indians.


The Third Day

National Air & Space Museum
History of jet flights, space travel, and satellite communications. A close-up view of air and space travel with 22 exhibition galleries, featuring hundreds of artifacts.

United States Botanical Gardens
Open every day of the year, including federal holidays. It is the oldest botanical garden that continues to run in the United States. Established by the U.S. Congress in 1820. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in North America.


The Fourth Day

Smithsonian National Zoo at 163 acres in the heart of Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1889, the Zoo now hosts more than 1,500 animals among 300 different species.


The Fifth Day

National Mall is the most visited national park in America. The National Mall is also home to ten museums from the Smithsonian Institution. Monuments and memorials in this park honor the heroes and founding father of the United States.



National Mall.



Reflection Pool.



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