North Caicos, Working Oversea


I lived in North Caicos. The second largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands after Middle Caicos.

 **old stories while working and living in the Turks and Caicos Islands.**

Consists of four residential areas namely Bottle Creek, Whitby, Kew and Sandy Point. Despite living in the closest part of Sandy Point dock, I had to get ready for work 2 hours earlier. If I worked the morning shift at 7:00am, I had to walk from the apartment no later than 5:15 am.

Walking from the apartment at Sandy Point to the dock about 30 minutes through a paved road. Actually closer walk through the front road but more deserted and road damaged causing a lot of puddles in the rain.

The hotel where I worked provides pickup service. But walking faster than waiting for pickup. When the bus arrived late, the staff must rush to get on the boat and be late for work.

Often I met other staff on the way. We walked together to the dock. Around 6 o’clock I reached the pier. The dock was full of staff standing in line waiting for the boat.

When I first worked, the boat for staff was very small, just enough for 10 people. Super low chairs almost touched the sea water level. Boat rocking when there was a wave or one of the people moving. Everyone should sit quietly.






The captain imposed strict rules as everyone wanted to jump on the boat at the same time. Only ten staff allowed to board the boat. Certainly many were grumbling, no one wanted to work late. Fortunately, the boat’s captain always prioritized staff working at the front desk.

Every time I went to work, morning or afternoon shift, I had to wear a thick jacket and pants plus a hat. Mosquitoes and sand flies would appear around the hurricane period from June to November.

During hurricane season not just cold or rain were my daily problems. While waiting for the boat on the dock, I became a meal for the mosquitoes and friends. The sound of their buzzing around ears kept me waving my hands endlessly.

Storms, rain, mosquitoes, and sand flies were a terrible combination. They complement each other to complete my suffering.






Repeatedly I found dead mosquitoes in a hat or a T-shirt. Even down to the socks. How did they reach inside?. Fortunately, I just experienced bumps. With a little cream from the clinic, gone the itch and bumps. Some friends each time bitten by a mosquito would get serious wound and scar on their skin.

Mosquitoes were not so much when I arrived at the hotel. After passing the security check in the security booth, I hurriedly headed towards one of the rooms of a friend. Changed clothes and then went to work.



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