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Most visitors go to the west rim from Las Vegas.

Closer than the south rim. Grand Canyon West Rim of about 118 miles and the Grand Canyon South Rim is 350 miles from Las Vegas.

Therefore the tour that I took from Las Vegas to the west rim took 10 hours and the south rim for 14 hours. The sun was still shining when we reached The Strip from the west rim. Conversely, when I returned from the south rim, reached Las Vegas about nine at night.


Grand Canyon South Rim

Part of the National Park.

Ponderosa Pines Forest is one of the charms offered by the south rim. The areas most green and lush of the Grand Canyon.

South rim, open all year, is an advanced area of ​​development compared to the west rim.The whole viewpoints protected by the security fence and concrete road for visitors convenience. However, according to Denny fence does not guarantee security of the visitors. The death rate here is significant. West rim does not have any fences, no deaths to date. Strange !!.

South Rim is home Elk, mountain lions, squirrels, deer, donkeys, California condors, and lizards. When I was there, I saw a squirrel were chewing food. Forbidden to feed the wildlife in the Grand Canyon.

Site crowded with visitors who walked, rode a bike or car. Private cars and RVs permitted to park at every viewpoint. Shuttle buses are also provided. Many sports activities compared to the west rim. Without a doubt, a favorite place for people who love outdoor activities.

When I went to one viewpoint, I must took turns to take pictures. Sometimes I had to queue just to take a few shots. On another occasion the hands of others in my photos. Ha ha ha.

I was back before the time up to the bus as I could not stand the crowds.



Image taken from top level at Lookout Studio.










Grand Canyon West Rim

West rim is privately owned by the Hualapai tribe.

Flaunting colors of decaying rocks and erosion that aging for millions of years. I like the character of the rocks here. My camera lens easily spotted the Colorado River winding like a snake around the rock of Grand Canyon.

This area has not developed to the largest as the south rim. But I prefer this part because I felt closer to nature and its surroundings. There is no fence. There is no road paving. In some places, I could easily take a lot of pictures without a lot of people around.

Security was tighter than the south rim. Private vehicles are not allowed in this place. Because private cars are not allowed, I felt that I was in a secluded place, close to nature.






Not much different between Skywalk and stand on the rim. The same views.



Thank you LORD for the blessing.



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