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Not a destination. Not end of the journey. Not just tick a list of the places visited.  The important things were the process and how to handle challenges.

I’ve never been preparing complicated journey like this. Usually only booked the hotel, looking for cheap tickets and place to visit.

Many incidents made me angry, scared and desperate. That did not deter me, even really made me tireless and did whatever I could to make it happened.


Most Complicated

  • I wanted to go to Galapagos and Quito for two weeks, I had to make a careful and detail plan. Travel in Galapagos too complicated without a guide.
  • Due to time constraints, all had to confirm before departure.
  • I googled and browsed up and down at the internet to find tour within my shoestring budget.
  • So many things had to take care of and so little time to finish: booked ticket, accommodation, tours and insurance. The most complicated thing is travel insurance. I am an Indonesian citizen who lived in Turks and Caicos Island. Many insurance regulations do not allow for it.




Welcome to Cristobal


Most Painful and Frightening

  • Vaccination: Unnecessary, but because I had a layover in Miami I had to take yellow fever vaccination. Though I am afraid of needles!
  • Accident: below image enough to represent my unfortunate event. Thank God there were no cracks or broken bones.I must wore booth everywhere. I did not  hike in the Sierra Negra in Isla Isabel.
  • On top of all above, there was an earthquake in Wanabi. I worried, but Galapagos and Quito are not experienced this tragedy.


Painful days


Pedestrian Street at Cristobal


Most Annoying

  • My working permit expired in March. Although I worried I still took the risk if they denied me to re-renter Turks and Caicos Island. Praise The Lord!!!  immigration officers allowed me to enter Turks and Caicos Island without supporting documents.
  • Getting in and out from Ecuador I searched by the officers at the airport. I did not know why they searched only me from the rest of the people. They said that it just standard procedure.  I annoyed because I tired, hungry and sleepy.
  • Long flight took more and less 20 hours each way. Tired, hungry and pain all over my body.


Brown Pelican


Frigate Birds


Most Rewarding

  • Everyday  new things.
  • Never joined a tour group: new friends and leisure trips.
  • Smooth, no problem. Plan B and C were not necessary.

In short, EPIC. Remarkable and memorable. Good or bad events serve as lessons.


Me and My Buddy


How is your day?


Carpe Diem

Whatever happened …it’s happened for a reason.



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